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    JLR Interview Series: Mark Egan and Danny Gottlieb

    Laurie Burnette had the opportunity to interview the great rhythm section Mark Egan and Danny Gottlieb, who brought out their new CD called Electric Blue on Wavetone records.

    click photo for YouTube link


    JLR Interview Series: Clark Tracey

    Chris Hodgkins interviewed drummer Clark Tracey to discuss his book "The Godfather of British Jazz The Life and Music of Stan Tracey". Interview in three parts. Click photo for YouTube link.


    The Jazz Rag Album Reviews

    Jazz London Radio has teamed up with the excellent The Jazz Rag magazine to provide two CD reviews each month from their esteemed Reviewers.

    Since 1987, The Jazz Rag magazine has been at the heart of the British jazz scene, published bi-monthly and containing news, reviews and features on both the rich history of jazz from across the globe, and exciting new album releases, tours and festivals. You can read the full magazine online and order paper copies at and can also follow their Facebook page for updates on interesting jazz news and articles from their archive.