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    The Jazz Rag Album Reviews

    Jazz London Radio has teamed up with the excellent The Jazz Rag magazine to provide two CD reviews each month from their esteemed Reviewers.

    Since 1987, The Jazz Rag magazine has been at the heart of the British jazz scene, published bi-monthly and containing news, reviews and features on both the rich history of jazz from across the globe, and exciting new album releases, tours and festivals. You can read the full magazine online and order paper copies at and can also follow their Facebook page for updates on interesting jazz news and articles from their archive.


    JLR Interview Archives

    With the current lockdown due to Coronavirus, Jazz London Radio will dust off the archives and feature some of the excellent interviews we have put together since the station started broadcasting in 2014.

    Starting week beginning 20th April, we will feature three artists per week. We will announce which three artists will be the featured artists of the week every Sunday. Not only will we run their interviews but play their music throughout the week.

    This week's featured artists:

    Wednesday 22nd July 8pm: Fraser Fifield interview with Andrea Vicari from November 2015

    Thursday 23rd July 7pm: Lucy Dixon interview with Laurie Burnette from August 2017

    Friday 24th July 8pm: Miriam Aziz interview with Laurie Burnette from December 2018