Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at Ronnie Scotts – 12th April 2015

brothers_brassBrothers in Brass –  Wow, wow and super wow… This is hypnotic with a twist. I am trying to keep up with my notes, failing superbly, on a Sunday night full of surprises. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Nine most amazing players from Chicago with a pedigree that will leave you speechless.

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JLR Interview – Photographer Carl Hyde

Carl Hyde’s photographs exude musicality, freedom, beauty and a love for jazz. Being interested in photography myself, when I came across Carl’s pictures, I found them so refreshing.  There is humanity behind the glossy façade which makes them so much more than just photographs!  We meet at the small but perfectly formed “Bar Italia” in Frith Street in London to talk jazz and, of course, photography!

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“Let there be jazz!” – Ian Chalk – Musician and tutor

Photo-3-Ian-Chalk-1024x681Hi, Chalkie, you are a musician and tutor from York. Tell us why jazz is so close to your heart

I believe jazz is one of the more interesting musical forms because of the way you prepare to perform it and the execution of the performance. Despite the majority of a jazz performance being improvised, a large amount of preparation is required. The preparation takes lots of forms; it’s important to be technically proficient on your instrument so you can execute what you choose to improvise, you need to understand the harmonic structure of the music you are playing so you can choose the notes that sound nice (if that’s what you want!) or the sounds that create tension within the music if that’s the feeling you want to convey.

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