Andrea Vicari to present new show on JLR

Vicari-700x460Jazz London Radio is delighted to announce pianist and educator Andrea Vicari will present a new show called “Andrea Vicari’s Jazz Doodles”.  Andrea will focus mainly on music that has influenced her whilst promoting contemporary British jazz.  The show will be run three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Stay tuned to the schedule to see exact times over the coming weeks.

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Review of Videoverse music website

introducing_the_videoverse-700x460Earlier this summer my attention was drawn to a website called Videoverse. Videoverse is part of a wider website called Encore Music Lessons which is based in the United States.  Encore Music Lessons is a database which gives people the opportunity to find lessons and teachers in their local area on any of the main musical instruments; be that guitar, piano, woodwinds, drums etc. You can click the local state of your choice, then click county which reveals local teachers in your area. The teachers list their biography, achievements, testimonials and contact details. This is an ambitious and comprehensive project which I would imagine is growing all of the time as more tutors learn of the website and make their services available.

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JLR Interview – Carl Verheyen

CV (Oct 2013) Coventry UK 01American guitar player and singer Carl Verheyen has recently been on a UK tour and as part of the tour performed at the Borderline off Charing Cross road in late September.  I agreed to meet Carl at 6pm before the gig to ask him some questions about the tour and what he is up to these days musically. We were taken to a small room underneath the main stage where you could hear all of the sound checks which gave an interesting backdrop for an interview. It was also great to explore parts of the Borderline I wouldn’t usually reach; the backstage stuff, where musicians and staff were busy preparing for the gig two hours later. Carl himself had not too long arrived from Oxford where he had been holding a guitar clinic.

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JLR Interview – Cheryl Alleyne

Cheryl2-5211-700x460JLR met up with London born drummer Cheryl Alleyne in August to discuss how she got into playing music and the projects she is currently working on. Read on….

Hi Cheryl, thanks for chatting with JLR. So, my first question is how did you get into drumming? And what were your early influences?

When I was 19 years old I went to a workshop in Turnpike Lane, North London on a Thursday which was ‘Women’s Day’.

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JLR Interview – Barbara Dennerlein

Barbara Dennerlein is one of the best Hammond organists in the world today and indeed the best Hammond organist to come out of Europe.  Barbara hails from Munich in Germany and makes her base there. Barbara took to the organ from an early age after receiving an organ as a birthday present from her grandfather. Barbara immediately set about learning the instrument inside out and mastered it including the use of the foot pedals to play the bass lines. Barbara is self-taught; I often find that musicians who are self-taught and master their instrument are also the innovators of the jazz world; Jaco Pastorius springs to mind immediately.

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Chris Hodgkins to present “Jazz Then and Now”

Chris-Hodgkins1Jazz London Radio is pleased to announce that Chris Hodgkins will be joining the station with a new weekly show called Jazz Then and Now.  The concept of the show is as Chris puts it “what it says on the tin”. Chris will be delving into the history of the music and present what is happening on the scene today with a watchful eye on British contemporary jazz. The show will run every Monday at 3pm and 8pm repeated on Wednesdays; and will complement nicely Todd’s Turntable by Todd Gordon which runs on Sundays at 12pm repeated Wednesday evenings.

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JLR Interview – The Snow Owl

Snow-Owl-2-700x460Three weeks ago Juan Garcia-Herreros aka The Snow Owl was in town. Juan was on a whistle-stop visit in London before heading off to Paris to play gigs with his band as they tour through Europe.  Now for those who are not familiar with Snow Owl, he is one of the top bass players on the planet, majoring on the six string contrabass guitar. Snow Owl has played with many of the top jazz and R&B musicians including James Spalding, Al Jarreau and Greg Osby. The Snow Owl also leads his own band and has released two CDs to date: Art of Contrabass Guitar in 2010 and Normas in 2013 (tracks from both CDs can be heard on Jazz London Radio). Snow Owl’s talents have been rewarded as this year he has been nominated for a Latin Grammy in the jazz category.

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Todd Gordon’s Turntable ON JLR

Starting this Sunday 27th July at high noon, I am pleased to announce singer and radio presenter Todd Gordon will host a weekly show on JLR called Todd Gordon’s Turntable.  Todd is a great fan of the American songbook and will add a new sophistication to our Sundays as he goes through some of the best standards ever recorded, whilst turning us on to up and coming artists as well.  Todd’s credentials and website can be found here