Slice of Jazz with Rhys Phillips

Jazz London Radio is happy to announce that the programme Slice of Jazz which can be heard on Radio Cardiff every weekend will be repeated weekdays on Jazz London Radio starting the afternoon of November 2nd. Slice of Jazz will be aired on Monday afternoons at 1.30pm between the JLR Interview Series and Chris Hodgkins’s Jazz Then and Now. You can also catch the show on Wednesday mornings at 11am, prior to the Vinyl Vaults at 1pm. We hope you enjoy the “Slice of Jazz”.


From Cardiff, Rhys Phillips presents a weekly slice of jazz as he shares his favourite tracks, rounds
up the latest news from the jazz world and has top guests in conversation and in session. Mike Sims
provides the weekly album review and Jonathan Crespo brings us his Beginner’s Guide to Jazz. A
Slice of Jazz is a Radio Cardiff Production. For more information, go to


Rhys is a jazz trumpeter and radio presenter based in Cardiff. His love of jazz comes from growing
up with a jazz lover and pianist for a father. When not presenting A Slice of Jazz, Rhys can be found
gigging with his jazz band Imperfect Tenth, presenting his science radio show, Pythagoras’ Trousers
or protecting aeroplanes from lightning strikes!