How to Make the Most of Record Store Day 2022 Online

Nicole Raney posted April 7, 2022

Record Store Day is a celebration of the independent record store and its cultural impact, from hardcore collectors digging for rarities to vinyl newbies just starting their journey.

When is Record Store Day 2022?

Record Store Day is scheduled for April 23. In 2022, RSD is celebrating an impressive 15-year run.

Historically, the main Record Store Day event falls in April and for the first time in two years, RSD is back in the spring! In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, RSD organizers planned separate, socially distanced events throughout 2020 and 2021 to accommodate smaller crowds (and keep you coming back for more).

How does Record Store Day work?

Artists and labels will schedule the release of exclusive new content or coveted reissues, which is organized by the Record Store Day crew. Inventory will vary greatly depending on where you live or shop. Your favorite record store — whether it’s the local brick-and-mortar or your go-to shop on Discogs — will request items from RSD, but that doesn’t guarantee that the store will get enough for everyone who wants one.

Where can I buy RSD 2022 releases online?

Finding Record Store Day releases online will be easier than in previous years. Starting in 2020, record stores were allowed to list their RSD inventory online on the afternoon of the physical drop.

The following suggestions will help you navigate RSD virtually:

  • Check your favorite record store’s website for an online shop and reach out to confirm when they will be listing RSD titles online.
  • If you are searching for a specific RSD release, the easiest way to find it online the day of the drop will be to search for it by name.
    • The perk of searching for your desired title is that you can discover a new record store selling online and still support the RSD mission even if you’re not physically in-store.
    • Marketplaces like Discogs support independent sellers around the world, including record stores. As the information on RSD 2022 titles is submitted to the Database by the Discogs Community, the items will appear on the list of RSD releases. Details on the releases will become available on Discogs on the day of the drop. Independent sellers are also active on eBay.

How much are RSD releases?

Great question. The short answer? It depends. The long answer? The very nature of Record Store Day creates exclusivity. Since every item is limited-edition, naturally, the demand is going to be a lot higher than the supply. Depending on the release, the value will appreciate over time. However, the initial drop price is typically standard for what you would pay for a special format (like a picture disc), a box set (especially those collector’s versions), colored vinyl, or a beloved reissue. The cost tends to be more expensive for titles that have fewer copies or more goodies.

Where can I find record stores near me?

Discogs runs VinylHub, an online database of record stores around the world. Use VinylHub to find record stores near you and take a look at the list of record stores selling on Discogs. The interactive VinylHub map on Discogs makes it easy to locate nearby stores, see their Discogs inventory, and follow them on social media for updates.

Check out Record Store Day for more information about the drop on April 23. Discogs is not affiliated with the RSD organization, but we agree with their mission of bringing more people into record stores.

5 Things Every Music Lover Should Do in 2022

Davey Ferchow posted January 10, 2022

Over the past few years, the home listening experience has taken on new importance and meaning. Records continue to be the music lover’s physical format of choice – vinyl recently saw the highest sales week since at least 1991. However, streaming services are still an integral part of everyday life, with the number of music streaming subscribers reaching 487 million in 2021.

Whether you’re hunkering down by your record player or streaming music on the go with a pair of headphones, there are always new ways to discover music and acquire gear that enriches your listening experience. These five recommendations will help you make the most of your music in 2022.

Stream High-Quality Sound

Even if you aren’t a subscriber, you’ve likely streamed music at some point. At first glance, most of the streaming services appear to be similar, but Qobuz offers a few features that help it stand out from the pack.

Qobuz has become the audiophile’s go-to streaming service. At a price point comparable to popular brands like Spotify, Qobuz is home to over 70 million songs and provides users with the ability to download their favorite albums with optimum sound quality. If you are even remotely interested in studio-quality streaming, Qobuz may be the streaming service you didn’t know you were looking for.

Discover New Music

Most streaming services offer recommendations based on your listening history and themed playlists that cover certain genres or artists. If you’ve been relying on these playlists for a while, you may be ready to take your music discovery to the next level and you can (with very little effort). Bandcamp’s homepage is a treasure trove of discovery and the Discogs database makes it easy to search for genres, artists, labels, and recommendations based on the page you are viewing.

Upgrade Your Gear in the New Year

A new year is here and that’s as good an excuse as any when it comes to investing in some new audio gear. To curate the best turntable setup, you’ll need the right turntable, cartridge, speakers, and headphones. New collectors and audiophiles alike may find these lists to be a great starting point for their next sonic adventure.

Support Local Record Stores

VinylHub is a great resource for those looking to learn more about record stores in their area and any other places they plan to visit. The interactive map allows you to zoom in on any cities you’d like to learn more about. The listings for each record store will provide you with everything you need to know including their address, website, and social media pages. See a store you love that’s not on VinylHub? You can show your support by adding them to the database.

Support Your Favorite Artists

Social media is a great way to stay connected, but signing up for mailing lists can help you be first in line when a new release or tour is announced. For artists with websites, you can usually find a subscribe box at the bottom of their homepage. On Bandcamp, each page has a Follow button that will instantly sign you up for announcements. If your email inbox and social media feeds already feel overwhelming, don’t fret! You can always show your support by ordering a record, buying a t-shirt, or purchasing some digital files.

Feature image by Kelvin Lutan. Published in partnership with Qobuz.